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Bestselling Baking books in Korea

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With more than 400K subscribers on his youtube channel, Hanbit's recipes have helped countless bakers worldwide. Hanbit has published two books and they have sold more than 20,000 copies as of February 2024.

Note: this book is in Korean only. This book is in Korean only.


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Sugar Lane Book (only in Korean)

Book 1: Cafe Dessert Class (only in Korean)

There are a total of 47 recipes in the book and the book covers all the basic items that are sold in Korean cafes - easy to follow recipes.

0. Intro
1. Cube Pound Cakes (Chocolate, Caramel, Earlgrey, Matcha, Lemon, Banana)
2. Madeleines (Vanilla, Earlgrey, Lemon Raspberry, Chocolate, Black Sesame)
3. Scones (Plain, Basil, Carnberry Pecan, Figs, Red Butter Matcha)
4. Cookies (Lemon, Berry Coconut, Matcha, Double Chocolate, Caramel Peanut, Classic Levain)
5. Financiers (Vanilla, Coconut, Blueberry, Creamcheese Figs, Mugwort Red Bean Butter)
6. Canneles (Classic, Earlgrey, Matcha, Mugwort, Black Sesame)
7. Cheesecakes (NYC, Classic Basque, Rare)
8. Bottlecakes (Kiwi, Figs, Blueberry)
9. Cold desserts (Classic Tiramisu, Mango Pudding, Creme Brulee, Creme Caramel)
10. Outro

Book 2: Cake Class (only in Korean)

There are a total of 37 recipes in the book and the book covers many different type of cakes.

0. Intro
1. Victoria Cake (Orange Apricot, Raspberry, Coconut Mango, Lemon Blueberry)
2. Home Cake (Sweet Potato, Carrot, Marron, Banana, Fig Dacquoise, Oreo Rare Cheesecake)
3. Chocolate (Cream Cheese Brownie, Lamington, Sacher Torte, Tiramisu, Chocolate Basque)
4. K-Style Cream Cake (Matcha Strawberry, Blueberry, Mugwort Figs)
5. Chiffon (Red Velvet, Blueberry Vanilla, Peach)
6. Crepe (Strawberry, Matcha, Mango, Chocolate)
7. Soft Cake (Matcha Strawberry Swiss Roll, Chocolate Strawberry Swiss Roll, Mascarpone Swiss Roll, Cream Castella, Nagasaki Castella, Honey Castella)
8. Pound Cake (Pistachio Strawberry, Caramel, Chocolate Cherry, Earl Grey Apricot, Blueberry Pecan, Pumpkin Caramel, Raspberry Matcha)


Official Book Trailer

Book 1: Official Trailer

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Hanbit Cho


Hanbit is the CEO of Sugar Lane Baking Academy based in Seoul, Korea. As a pastry chef, his mission is to make baking more enjoyable – both for homebakers and professionals. This is being achieved through his baking academy in Seoul where he has taught more than 2500 students over 6 years.