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Frequently Asked Questions

These are a list of frequently asked questions. If you have any further queries, please feel free to start the online chat or send us an email on sugarlane.korea@gmail.com!

Please click the link at the bottom of the page for the refund policy.

Please request refund via email (state your name/email address/course): sugarlane.korea@gmail.com

In short, refund/cancellation can happen only within 7 days given that you have not downloaded the recipe.

We currently stream our videos via Vimeo and the reasons for unstable streaming are:

1. Old & slow devices

2. Unstable internet connection 

3. Access issue (especially Indonesia – requires VPN)


Please follow the steps:

a) Refresh the page

b) Check your internet connection

c) Lower the video quality from 1080p

d) If videos are still unstable please open up the live chat and we are happy to help.

Please leave your questions under the Q&A menu.

You will receive instant access upon purchase. Please log in -> Click “My Class” in the menu

“What’s the cost of ingredients?” “What should the selling price be?”

  • Determining the selling price for a product is extremely difficult and you need to take many variables into account.
  • Therefore, we do not advise on such topic. We focus on delivering the best recipe and technique for making delicious desserts.
  • Furthermore, pricing strategy falls into the realm of business consulting.
  • Try and develop strong business acumen in general and it will certainly help.
  • Good luck!

When you purchase the course, there will be a chapter where you can download the recipe for the course.

If you missed it, you can come back at anytime and download it again.