Pecan Tart: Nuttiness overload!

Cute and delicious pecan tart

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Just look at these pecan tarts. Whole pecans are placed in a row which really accentuates the nuttiness. The mini rectangular size means that they are great to serve in cafes as they are small and pretty. Hanbit will guide you through the journey and teach you how to bake the perfect pecan tart.

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What do you learn in this course?

Tart shells

It’s essential to make good tart shells to be able to proceed to the next step! In this course, I will walk you through everything about tart shells starting from making the dough, rolling out and lining them. I’ll cover both the traditional tart pans and the perforated tart rings.

Nuttiness overload

Pecan tarts are super nutty and that’s what makes them taste delicious. For my pecan tarts, I have used both whole pecans and crushed pecans to really extract the nuttiness. You can clearly see this from the photo of the cross-section, right?

Cute rectangular shape

I have baked them in mini rectangular tart rings to give a cute appearance. (12cm x 4cm) Don’t worry if you don’t have these specific tart rings, you can still make these in a regular sized tart pan (16cm) and I’ll give you the recipe for that as well!


Why learn from Hanbit?

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Understand the needs

Hanbit comes from a non-pastry background. He worked in banking, consulting and IT. This meant that in order to become a pastry chef, he learnt everything from scratch. This journey helped him design his courses such that it’s accessible to home-bakers as well as professionals.

Why & How

Hanbit’s genuinely interested in the science of baking. Thus, he tries to take the time to explain about the role of specific ingredients and how the methods work. In turn this helps his students to reduce the chances of failure.

Experience in teaching

Hanbit has been teaching students at his academy (Sugar Lane) for the past 4 yrs. Having taught more than 2000 students He has seen enough to know where students make mistakes and experience difficulties.

Hanbit Cho


Hanbit is the CEO of Sugar Lane Baking Academy based in Seoul, Korea. As a pastry chef, his mission is to make baking more enjoyable – both for homebakers and professionals. This is being achieved through his baking academy in Seoul where he has taught more than 2500 students over 6 years.


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