Dacquoise Masterclass: Fluffy Delicious Dacquoise

Master how to make dacquoise

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Enter the world of Korean-style Dacquoise – so trendy and delicious. The shells are nutty and fluffy - together with pate a bombe buttercream they become more than simply good.

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Sugar Lane Dacquoise


What do you learn in this course?

The Shell

The very first step is to make the shell. You will learn how to make a really nice dacquoise shell that is fluffy and soft.

Pâté à bombe Buttercream

Making a stable buttercream is crucial when making dacquoise – this results in overall work efficiency as well as the mouthfeel/texture.


Let’s spice up the apperance of the dacquoise! What looks good also tastes good.

Vanilla Cherry

The classic pate a bombe buttercream would be vanilla flaoured – it’s classic of classic so let’s not leave this out. But adding a few Amarena cherries will really spice it up!


You will learn how to make blueberry jam and use that for dacquoise filling – two birds with one stone.


Learn how to make caramel and use that for dacquoise. It’s definitely worth learning how to make caramel as it is used pretty much everywhere in pastry.

Raspberry Pistachio

Make raspberry jam and mix that with buttercream…and it’s heaven. Place crushed pistachios and it’s that extra touch that makes a lot of difference.

Lotus Biscoff

Have you actually thought about mixing lotus biscoff with buttercream? Did you know that it’s surprisingly good and totally addictive?

Matcha Red Beans

Matcha gives an oriental touch to a Western dessert – and matcha pairs surprisingly well, especially with Pate a Bombe buttercream!


What's special about this course?

Secret Unleashed

Hanbit’s actual recipe that he used when he ran Sugar Lane cafe – the recipe that was so popular with his customers.

K-style Dacquoise

Korean style dacquoise is characterised by the fluffiness and the volume together with different variations in terms of flavour. You’ll be impressed!

How to Store

Making the dacquoise is one thing, storing is another. Hanbit explains the best way of storing the dacquoise.


Why learn from Hanbit?

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Understand the needs

Hanbit comes from a non-pastry background. He worked in banking, consulting and IT. This meant that in order to become a pastry chef, he learnt everything from scratch. This journey helped him design his courses such that it’s accessible to home-bakers as well as professionals.

Why & How

Hanbit’s genuinely interested in the science of baking. Thus, he tries to take the time to explain about the role of specific ingredients and how the methods work. In turn this helps his students to reduce the chances of failure.

Experience in teaching

Hanbit has been teaching students at his academy (Sugar Lane) for the past 4 yrs. Having taught more than 2000 students He has seen enough to know where students make mistakes and experience difficulties.

Hanbit Cho


Hanbit is the CEO of Sugar Lane Baking Academy based in Seoul, Korea. As a pastry chef, his mission is to make baking more enjoyable – both for homebakers and professionals. This is being achieved through his baking academy in Seoul where he has taught more than 2500 students over 6 years. 


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Avatar Eric Lopez
Posted 1 year ago
The best & comprehensive

Just finished viewing all the lessons and this is one of the best online baking class. Chef Cho comprehensively discuss everything and patiently explains the important points of the recipe. It's just like I am in the face to face class. Thank you for this recipe chef. I will definitely use this when we open our bakery cafe soon.

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