Cannelé Masterclass: 4 Cannelé Recipes

Best way of easily making cannele

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Totally hassle-free. No copper moulds, no beeswax. Cannele might look simple, there are dos and don’ts that will determine the outcome. It’s more difficult than you might think – especially when you are using beeswax and copper moulds. So what did Hanbit do? He simplified it by getting rid of both beeswax and copper moulds. Don’t worry – you’ll still get an amazing cannelé.

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Sugar Lane Cannelé


What do you learn in this course?


This is the classic flavour for cannelé. The vanilla flavour really allows the rum to become flavourful!

Earl Grey

With an infusion of earl grey this cannelé takes on an amazing aroma


An oriental twist to the Western cannelé – and it works beautifully.


Simply can’t leave out chocolate! This recipe is deep in chocolate.


What's special about this course?

Simplified Process

With the use of butter greasing and steel moulds rather than beeswax and copper moulds, making cannelé has become inexplicably easier! (Pls note that the pan used in this course is chefmade cannele pan)

Lots of pastry techniques

Other than learning how to make cannelé, you will pick up other pastry skills on the way such as flavour infusion and chocolate dipping. These are useful skills that can applied to any other pastry product.

A to Z of making cannelé

Hanbit will explain in great depth on how to adjust the baking time/temp for baking cannelé. Calibrating your oven is essential as to produce the best product. In this course, you will also learn how to prepare the cannelé moulds as well as learn how to store them properly. Storing and serving properly are essential, especially for business owners.


Why learn from Hanbit?

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Understand the needs

Hanbit comes from a non-pastry background. He worked in banking, consulting and IT. This meant that in order to become a pastry chef, he learnt everything from scratch. This journey helped him design his courses such that it’s accessible to home-bakers as well as professionals.

Why & How

Hanbit’s genuinely interested in the science of baking. Thus, he tries to take the time to explain about the role of specific ingredients and how the methods work. In turn this helps his students to reduce the chances of failure.

Experience in teaching

Hanbit has been teaching students at his academy (Sugar Lane) for the past 4 yrs. Having taught more than 2000 students He has seen enough to know where students make mistakes and experience difficulties.

Hanbit Cho


Hanbit is the CEO of Sugar Lane Baking Academy based in Seoul, Korea. As a pastry chef, his mission is to make baking more enjoyable – both for homebakers and professionals. This is being achieved through his baking academy in Seoul where he has taught more than 2500 students over 6 years. 


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Avatar Cindy Tai
Posted 5 months ago
Superb good!

I bought the Canelé mould quite long ago, but never start on it. Until i found this online class. Just purchase it and start it. Comes out with superb good Canelé which friends around also gave good comments on my Canelé. Highly recommend this course!

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Avatar Melati
Posted 2 years ago
Saved so much money!!!!!!!

I was just about to buy the copper stuff and I am so glad that I bought this course before I actually bought the copper. As per Hanbit's suggestion I bought the pan that he suggested and everything came out perfect. I was about to waste so much money on the copper molds. Thanks chef!

Preview Image
Avatar Bao
Posted 2 years ago
Best chef in the world

Hanbit is the most efficient chef I have seen. His way of approaching pastry is all about efficientcy but he doesn't compromise the taste. I failed canneles so many times and it was so expensive to buy the copper. I am now able to bake cannele without any problems and my customers love them. I wish to meet you one day in person. Maybe I will come to Korea.

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Avatar Maggie Lim
Posted 2 years ago
Excellent Course!

I took the class as I was trying to perfect cannele, with this class I finally cracked down this pastry and achieved the result I am going for. Hanbit's recipe is very precise, explained very well and clear. I also asked some questions which Hanbit answered promptly which is great as some times you just need a bit more help even after attending the class. I would recommend these classes!!

Preview Image
Avatar Ha Nguyen
Posted 2 years ago
Solved My Problems

After trying and failing many batches from the recipes I found online, I decided to invest in this class and achieved what I wanted. The canelé turned out beautiful and the flavors, the sweetness and the texture were on point. The process of using CM pan was much more efficient than the traditional cooper molds and bee wax also. I’m glad that I purchased the class.

Preview Image
Posted 2 years ago
Super Good!

Love the courses and the result is exellent and super goods!Highly recommend!

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