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Best Online Course

What's Special?

Pick & Choose

You may pick & choose the course you need, rather than having to purchase a full packaged course.

Wide range of courses

You can find pretty much any desserts you want to learn (new courses are continously added to the library)

Over 2500 students

Hanbit has taught over 2500 students at his academy and all this experience is reflected in the courses.

Q&A with chef

The instructor will answer any baking related questions to the course that you are enrolled in. Please leave the questions in Q&A.

Fully in English

All the courses are produced in either 100% Korean or 100% English. We do not create courses in Korean with English subtitles as this distracts the viewer’s attention.

Suitable for all levels

All courses contain detailed explanations so that bakers of all levels can watch and follow.

Online Course

Instant Access


Q&A with chef

Sugar Lane's Class

Sugar Lane Baking Academy was established in 2016 and quickly became a powerhouse in pastry education in Korea. 

Over 2500 students have enrolled in offline courses at Sugar Lane Baking Academy over the past 6 years. Recently Hanbit has launched an online baking platform and managed to record 1500 members within 6 months.


Student's Testimonial

"필요한 것만 골라들어요"

딱 원하는 강의만 골라서 들을 수 있어서 좋습니다. 가격도 좋아서 여러개 사서 보고있어요. 지금은 홈베이커인데 언젠가는 디저트 매장을 하고 싶네요.
김*수 님

"선생님 감사합니다."

지방에서 카페를 운영하고 있는데 서울에 시간을 내서 가기 힘들어서 온라인으로 강의를 들었는데 잘 설명해주셔서 잘 만들어서 어제 당근케익만 10개 넘게 나갔어요.
이*현 님

"Glad it's in English"

First time I found a Korean chef teaching in English. All the others had subtitles.

"Learnt so much"

Learnt so much - especially all the tips and tricks to avoid mistakes. Defo worth the money.
Lily Wang


Hanbit's Youtube Channel

Having uploaded the first video in March 2021, the channel has exploded and reached 250k subscribers after an year and continues to grow.


We partner witht he best in the industry.